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Drink Responsibly!

As impairing one’s capability to drive, alcohol also impacts the capability to make sound judgments. If you are attending a celebration or other event where alcohol will be served, planning ahead may make certain you make good decisions. You may end up having to hire a dui lawyer in las vegas because as a result.

Choose a designated driver that won’t consume alcohol throughout the whole excursion or event. Choose a designated driver that you may trust to fulfill this duty. Do not select somebody who’s undependable or has a history of alcohol abuse or intoxicated driving. You may pre pay a cab with your credit card if this isn’t possible. If you plan ahead, you will not be stuck in the last minute trying to ascertain how to get home. This may reduce the temptation to believe it’s fine to drive home only this once. It just takes one drunk driving episode to make you a criminal record, and destroy another individual’s life.

There’s no way you’ll be capable to drive home after the party. Even a couple of hours of sleep may help you sober enough to drive home safely. Since tolerance levels might vary, and it takes some time for your blood alcohol level to reduce.

Understand a few cocktails may lead to significant impairment, particularly if you do not drink frequently, are very slender, or simply having a low tolerance for alcohol. The very best way to guarantee that you have a very good time and also to prevent drink and driving is to plan your transport choices in advance. Understand that regardless of what, drinking and driving is not really an option.

Top 7 Beer Brands in the world

Beer is one of the best beverages which relieves your stress at the end of a hard day. When consumed at moderate levels, beer has so much health benefits, and it is one of the best refreshments to drink. Beer is made from barley, hops, yeast and water. It is one of the most popular alcoholic drink that is consumed by people all over the world, and there are many companies which produce beers. The following are some of the best beer brands in the world:

Coors Light:

Coors light is a Canadian beer brand, and it has only about 4% of alcohol content. The beer brand was released in the year 1978, and it was the time when people become more conscious of consuming more calories. Coors Light is a beer which is both light and refreshing, and it has very low amounts of calorie in it. It was initially popular in Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom but later it spread globally, and now it has a huge place in the Asian Market.


Snow is one of the most popular beer brands in China. It has about 4.3% of alcoholic content, and the beer is sold at a low price. Snow is highly carbonated and watery, and it is sold for 1$ for a litre in China.


Budweiser has about 5% alcohol content, and it is one of the most popular beer brands which is sold all over the world. The beer has rice, barley malt and hops. Budweiser has a cool and refreshing taste. The company has an old legal issue with a beer brand in Czech named Budejovicky Budvar and is not allowed to use the name Budweiser in certain parts of that country.


Heineken has about 5 % of alcohol content, and it was founded in the year 1864 in Holland. The beer has a sweet taste, and the brand won the Creative Marketer of the Year Award two times. The large pale beer is popular due to its red star and its green bottle.


Brahma is one of the largest beer manufacturing companies in the world and has about 4.3% of alcohol content in it. Brahma has both alcohol-free beers and alcohol beers, and during the 2006 Brazil FIFA world cup, a new Brahma beer edition was released.


Skol is quite a popular beer in Brazil. Skol has a brilliant quality assurance standards, and it also has a good taste. Skol was awarded World Quality Selections Gold Award in the year 2012, and it also got a silver medal for the taste category.

Bud Light:

Bud Light is one of the most popular beer brands in the world, and it has more than 32 breweries in the USA and other countries. The beer has different tastes and they have many flavours like Bud Light Apple, Light time, Light Platinum and Lime-A-Ritas. The beer is sweeter and has a higher alcohol content.

7 Health Benefits of Beer

Sometimes there is nothing better than drinking beer at the end of a long day. We often associate drinking beer with weight gain and bad health, and if you a person who feels guilty about drinking beer at regular intervals, you need to take a look at the below scientific health facts of drinking beer. But again, you need to remember that these health benefits are applicable only to people who drink beer at a moderate level; everything has a limit, and anything beyond that limit is harmful to your body.

Reduce risk of heart disease:

Many types of research and studies were done where a group of people who consumed a little amount of beer daily had a reduced chance of getting heart diseases than people who did not drink beer. The beer has powerful antioxidants that are called phenols, and these antioxidants reduce the risk of heart diseases. However, studies have shown that people who consume more amounts of beer have a higher risk of heart diseases.


Alzheimer’s disease:

Alzheimer’s diseases have started to affect many people these days and studies have shown that people who have consumed beer have a lesser chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease. The increase of aluminium in the body is one of the main causes of Alzheimer’s disease. The Silicon present in the beer protects the brain from the aluminium and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Lowers the risk of diabetes:

A study was done where a group of middle-aged men who drank about 1 to 2 beers a day was compared to another group who did not drink beer. The group who drink beer had reduced risk of getting Type 2 diabetes. The alcohol content in the drink increases the production of insulin and beer is also a good source of soluble fibre.

Contributes to your nutrients intake:

The beer has vitamin B, fibres and protein and it can even be considered as food than a beverage. But you need to be mindful of the amount of beer you consume. Drinking too much beer will increase your calorie intake.

Beer fights cancer:

There is a compound named xanthohumol which is found in beers, and it plays a major role in fighting cancer cells. Beer also has polyphenols which also helps in fighting cancer cells. Mild consumption of beer can prevent the development of prostate cancer cells in men.

Reduces your stress level:

Studies were conducted and found that women who consumed moderate amounts of beer had lower blood pressure than the ones who did not consume beer. When your blood pressure is reduced you will feel more relaxed; this is why most of us feel much relaxed and stress-free when we drink beer at the end of a long day.

Prevents the formation of kidney stones:

The beer has high water content, and it can flush out all the harmful toxins, and it allows your kidneys to function properly.

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